Upcoming event: Write for Rights and MUN discussion

Write for Rights is an annual campaign to write letters demanding the release of political prisoners who have been wrongly imprisoned, and to demand the respect of human rights. 📄

This year STAI is collaborating with Tilburg MUN and hosting a discussion event on 1 December as part of the Write for Rights campaign.

Join us to voice support for those who have been wrongly imprisoned, and join an international campaign that has, through unified work, managed to free innocent people from imprisonment. The letters we write are to put pressure on the authorities who are responsible for the imprisonment, and voice our support for the victims and their families.

We provide sample messages and letters if you need! 🖋

📍Where: Cube Z 212
📍When: 1 December

14:00 – 17:30: letter writing campaign
17:30: discussion with MUN on reducing punishment for political prisoners

Drop by for however long you want, every letter counts!